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India First 11 Course Buffet

Hunter Valley Grills Garage Buffet

Unique Design and Mark able Interior

Based on GARAGE Theme


Hunter Valley Brew Cafe, Express & Garage

A taste fest for every one

We make real food, starting with fresh ingredients, then turn up the flavour with a HUNTER VALLEY twist. It means cold beer with no pretense, real drinks with booze you can taste, and even a short with your friends if you're in the mood.Its music you can sing along to and the kind of people who don't mind if you're a little outtta tune.... So when they ask you, WHAT is the HUNTER VALLEY BREW CAFE, EXPRESS & GARAGE? Tell'em "its real food, real drinks, real people, and no bullsh*t"! Or Just tell'em that "we run a good party" Sitting amid the plush and upmarket location of Sector-29, Hunter Valley, Gurgaon, we are proud to start each day in what is the region's most delightful craft brewery. Every beer we make is a reality conferred by the belief of visitors who praise what we do and what we offer. Everyday we constantly strive to challenge people's perceptions about beer..

Party Place

Work hard and party harder

Party Place is the newest lounge that evokes the senses to the highest level by marvellous ambience, tantalizing menu and amazing cocktails. The newly opened party paradise is creatively designed in blue, to attract party lovers in all ways. Ambience, music, choice of cocktails & fine spirits are meant to steer the party mood. It is the place for people who prefer trying new cocktails or are passionate about the Malt, yummy appetizers & mouth watering dishes made with creative cooking styles of grill, is the magnetism to health conscious who prefer tasty food. So let’s party hard and lose yourself to enjoy yet another day!

For Reservations And Booking

Monday to Sunday

12:00 pm
1:00 am

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